Interactive Art Research Blogs

Interactive Art Research Blogs / Presentations:

Research an interactive artist, an interactive art festival, a tool or technnology used in interactive art. (Clear your topic with Joellyn) Prepare engaging information and visual examples about your topic to share on your own interactive art blog and on screen in a digital presentation. Include text (at least 200 words on your topic to post to your blog, with at least 3 links to examples of work.) Embed video and still images to share specific works. Always cite works with Artist Name, Title of work, date, location.

You may use a WordPress blog you create
Or a Uthink blog:
Art 3018 students will use blogs:

Post a link to the URL of your interactive art research blog to the comments on this entry… by 6:00pm on Monday October 14. Our class will be ONLINE next Monday evening, From 6:30 to 8:30 pm, visit the blog research of each of your classmates, view the info on their topics and post a comment to their blog.

Write a brief overview about the work of this interactive art topic including:
2. Your topic name
3. Background info on the topic
4. Description of the interactive art (Be sure to include: What specific technology and ideas are explored by this artist. Process: How do they create their work? How does the audience experience it?)
5. Support your research by embedding video examples and still images into your blog
6. Discuss a specific work you like + why
(Be sure to include: Title, date. and location of the specific work. What does the work look, sound, feel like? Ideas and technology explored. What about this work connects with you personally? )
7. How their work might influence your digital art (Be open, stretch your imagination here, describe a work you might want to make some day.)
3 links to the artist’s work on the web (use FULL URL > http…)