Leif Brush / Artist talk / 6pm Monday Nov 25

Leif Brush / Artist talk

6pm Monday Nov 25

Room 335 ABAnderson Hall

Leif Brush is an emeritus art professor UMD Department of Art & Design. Brush pioneered the use of computer and sound capture technology in his own artwork and developed some of the first courses in digital art at UMD. He received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His work remains vital to the study of sound art on an international level. Leif Brush has developed a unique vocabulary evolving alongside his experimental soundworks which often juxtapose analog/digital and invisible/tangible forces of nature.

Assuming all aspects humanly possible, I’m advocating participation in the evolving Global Nano-based sensor networkings, and where sound can achieve par with music. Why, How?

Coining a barter-based interchange, and intercepting our terrestrial and extraterrestrial aurality.


what's. next

Leif Brush

Professor Emeritus

Research Specialty: Environmental Sound

This special artist lecture can count for Visual Culture Lecture Series


WHAT IS SOUND ART ? In sound art, traditional musical form is abandoned in favour of a new sound/space experience. Sound art can include opening up of music to noise, the use of chance processes and the integration of sound into sculptural or environmental installations. Sound art lives at the intersection of visual art, sound, music and emerging technology.