Interactive Project Pitch

Students in Art2018 will pitch an idea to the class for a project they would like to work on for the remainder of the semester. Each student will have about 10 minutes to present the pitch, with 5 minutes for questions / discussion. After all the presentations, students can break into teams or choose to work solo on their Interactive project. Projects may take the form of interactive installations, online games, or art experiences that use social media or mobile devices. Each pitch should include about 20 slides in a powerpoint / google slides presentation. Every slide should include VISUAL examples, such as screen grabs of inspiration or links to  web-based interactive works.


Presentation OUTLINE (~20 Slides)

Table of Contents


1 – Title of Project / Teaser Pitch (one line)

2 – Overview of Concept / Interactive Art / Game play type /  Audience experience / Story scenario

(short paragraph)


3 – Inspiration from Art & Design / image examples

4 – Inspiration from Game world / image examples

5 – Inspiration from Emerging Media or Current events, Science, Psychology, Social Issues / examples


6 – Visual Concept / Style / Mood / Color examples

7 – Settings / Backgrounds / Locations

8 – Interactive Design Strategy / Abstract or Narrative ?

9 – Primary Characters / Creatures / Villains / Forces ?

10 – Props / Special Objects / Magical elements ?


11- Target Audience / Secondary Audience

12 – Communication with Players (tools for connecting)

13 – Technology audience will need to Interact or Play

(what devices, software, online access will your audience need?)

14 – Physical elements needed to Play or Experience

(objects, tools, places, transportation needed to play?)

15 – Goals for Game Play / Primary goal / Secondary gains


16 – How does this project proposal make use of available skills and talents?

17- Artistic Skills Needed to Create (be as specific as possible)

18 – Digital Skills Needed to Create (be as specific as possible)

19 – Technology needed to Create (software, hardware, online access)

20 – Materials needed to Create ( art supplies, objects, tools)


21 – Outline briefly the timeline of the installation or game / how long is the audience experience? / when will it launch? ideal start and stop dates?