FISHNETSTOCKINGS : Interactive Installation


FISHNETSTOCKINGS is an interactive installation created by digital artist Joellyn Rock, computer scientist Pete Willemsen, visual artist Alison Aune, and a crew of collaborators. The participatory space allows the audience to dive in and make virtual waves inside this alt version of a very old tale. A layered mix of digital video, text, silhouettes and cutout elements are motion activated with a combo of code, Processing and Kinect.



Interactive Art / Environmental Works

Artist Lectures by David Bowen and Leif Brush, and senior exhibit by student Sam Hagen, show us various ways that artists are using motion and sound capture technology to create art installations that make connections between humans and their environment.

Please post a reflective response to the work of these three artists here.

What do you find most intriguing about the works?

What ideas or uses of technology are the most challenging for you?

What connections can you make between the works of these artists?

How might you choose to use motion or sound capture in an environmental work?

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Link to David Bowen’s website


Link to Leif Brush on Rhizome

Link to Sam Hagen’s exhibit

Builder of the Universe : Pop-up Event

Builder of the Universe
Incite Northrop! Pop-Up Northrop event exploring the architecture of memory through a participatory public art installation, projection, and sound installation.
Thursday, October 17, 7 p.m., Northrop Plaza

Explore the architecture of memory through a participatory public art installation, projection, and sound installation featuring live electronic music by John Keston. In collaboration with the Minneapolis Art on Wheels collective and led by adjunct instructor and artist Aaron Marx, this project explores the role of memory in public space, considers student civic engagement as a tool for artistic expression, and uses ancient tools of memory building within the context of contemporary practice. Through a workshop titled “Builders of the Universe,” students considered personal and collective memories to develop projections and sound installations reflecting on our past, meditating on our present, and speculating on the future. In parallel with the School of Architecture’s centennial celebration and in conversation with the revitalization of Northrop, this work considers the dramatic shifts in culture and architectural thinking over the past 100 years and speculates on where we might be headed in the future.

Camille Utterback > Interactive Installations


Aurora Organ is a contemporary meditation on the possibilities of translating human presence into light using digital technology. The site-specific and interactive sculpture is installed in the atrium of the Showplace Theaters, St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

Camille Utterback is an internationally acclaimed artist whose interactive installations and reactive sculptures engage participants in a dynamic process of kinesthetic discovery and play. Utterback’s work explores the aesthetic and experiential possibilities of linking computational systems to human movement and gesture in layered and often humorous ways. Her work focuses attention on the continued relevance and richness of the body in our increasingly mediated world. Bio and more info on the artist’s website: