Winter in the Blood > screenings in Duluth

University of Minnesota Duluth is pleased to welcome filmmaker Alex Smith to Duluth for two sneak preview screenings of his newest film “Winter in the Blood,” which is based on the novel by acclaimed author James Welch. Aspiring filmmakers, visual art students, cultural studies students… Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Alex Smith and hear about the process of creating a feature film.

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UMD students are encouraged to attend one of these screenings of Winter in the Blood, which also count for Art & Design students as Visual Culture Lecture Series:

2:00-4:00 pm on Sunday September 29:

Screening of Winter in the Blood and Q and A with filmmaker Alex Smith at Zinema in downtown Duluth. (Theater 1, seats 95)

4-6:00 pm on Monday September 30:

Screening of the film and Q and A with Alex in at the Weber Music Hall on UMD campus

Reception at the Tweed Museum of Art following the Monday afternoon screening.




Screen Recording > a tool for storytelling?

Here are some tips for using your built in QuickTime Player to record movies, audio or your desktop screen… You might use this as a tool to create presentations or tutorials for how to use software. Or what if we used QuickTime Player to create portions of a digital story? For discussion!

Free software works on SnowLeopard, Improved on LION

Screen Recording w/ Audio on Mac OSX Lion – FREE