Climate Remix / Projection Project


Our idea is to create interactive projections on the theme of CLIMATE REMIX. The first step will be to create original visual content to first test indoors. Building on the ideas we used with Fishnetstockings, the project will include layers of media… Video backgrounds, Kinect to create interactivity, and possibly text or data pulled from live feeds about climate change. Sound can also be an element ( Dean is interested in contributing to an audio bank related to climate and weather). Students in my other mixed-media classes are creating an image bank of Climate themed collages and animations that can be integrated and remixed. (See collaborative folders on google drive with Climate Remix IMAGEBANKS and MASHUPS)
Students in our interactive media class are contributing via their own skills:
Charles is researching how to program the piece using UNITY, with advice from Pete Willemsen and Logan Sales.
McKenzie is creating textures and collage backgrounds to be mashed into videos
Melissa is creating floating elements as PNGs with transparent backgrounds (such as snowflakes, flames, and other signs of climate change.)
Paul is creating video backgrounds, possibly integrating video blocks, environments, or animations made with the motion capture characters. Themes involve weather and seasons.
Chris can choose to assist with visual assets ( images, videos) or work on interactive code with Charles, by using the wii or Kinect.
Dean can create a collections of audio files for use with the videos on the climate themes.
Joellyn can also assist with additional video shoots if desired in MMADlab chromakey studio, and demo techniques of digital compositing layers for a rich visual background.
Kathy McTavish may visit later, to lend advice about creating code and using multiple projectors in installations. We will discuss issues with creating environmental installations. Later we will attempt to project onto SNOW, pointing projectors out windows from upper classroom onto snow below. The interactivity may not work outside, but this is an experimental project, dealing with Climate change, weather, temperature, wind, water, fire… IT would be especially cool if it could somehow tap data on climate or current weather conditions / that may somehow impact the visuals.