Jan-Feb Class Plan for Art2018

Jan. 25–Meet in classroom, discuss recently noticed finds. Charles demo of game. Learn to use Fuse to make 2 characters for game or animation (FBX files). Possibly design a character that could be used for Dance Conference as well. Think about movements. Add more images to Motion Capture research reports in google slides or powerpoint. Export research slideshow as powerpoint or movie file and upload to class google folder so that Joellyn can post your research to the class blog.

Feb.1–Meet in MMAD Lab. Chris & Melissa suit up. Rebecca Katz-Harwood will lead a short workshop in movement. Capture Melissa & Chris. Slow simple motions are easier to capture. Be done with capture by 4 pm. (Noah leaves) Go to classroom… Bring your avatars / Fuse characters, brainstorm ways to use mo cap with your characters for narrative or experimental uses.  Storyboard either animations or games or both. Make backgrounds in Photoshop for game or animation.

Feb.8–Meet in MMAD Lab. Lisa & Noah will have added motion capture skeletons to avatars. Show animated characters in Unity. Figure out how to add animated characters to Charles’ game or backgrounds for animation. Discuss / Brainstorm Snow projection project.
Tentative Schedule in Feb and Mar:
I would like to do the SNOW PROJECTION project before SPRING BREAK. I would love you to be scouting locations for projection onto and from around campus. Shoot photos of cool ideas. Think about what themes or interactivity might be integrated into the snow projections.
Feb. 15— Meet in MMADLAB. Demo completed short animation or game.  MOVE to CLASSROOM / Begin planning snow projections.
Feb. 22–Meet in Classroom / work on SNOW PROJECTIONS / interactivity and videos and test with projectors. Try to Project onto snow.
AFTER SPRING BREAK: Meet in Classroom. Discuss Future projects / Pitch Ideas to class. DEMO / experiment with Dean’s Max MSP audio project.