Motion Capture Research

The semester has begun for Art2018 students in this experimental class, introducing creative projects that use emerging interactive media. Lisa Fitzpatrick has been team teaching and covering for Joellyn while she is busy with a family emergency. (Thanks to Lisa!!!)

Last week Lisa gave this MOTION CAPTURE RESEARCH Assignment, see below for Joellyn’s additions:

Write a 2 page research paper about motion capture. Use this assignment to learn about it for yourselves. You can write about different uses for motion capture, different ideas you have for its use, where the markers should go on the motion capture suits, what kind of motion is useful in games or animation, how motion capture is used in science or medicine or sports or whatever. Whatever is interesting to you. We have the Vicon system and I am thinking to use Blade with you. We also have the Optitrack portable system. Please email this to me (Lisa Fitzpatrick) and Joellyn Rock.
Joellyn’s Additions to the Motion Capture Research Assignment:
Next step:
Please find visual examples (images, screen grabs, links to video and other media) to support your research. Each student’s research will be posted here on the blog with links and images to illustrate what you are finding and examples of exciting uses of motion capture in digital art projects. I am very interested in the ways that motion capture might be integrated into class creative work. I know Lisa has plans for using Fuse and Blade softwares with the system in the MMADlab.