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Propose a Final Project that revisits an Interactive Topic or Tool from earlier in the semester

1- Avatars and Virtual Worlds: Use Moviestorm or another tool to create a machinima work or design a character, setting or interactive experience that uses avatars or virtual environments.

2- Locative Media : Use Google Maps or other locative tools to create an online project linked to place. Tell a story or engage your audience in an experience enhanced with photos, videos connected to landscape and location.

3- Motion and Interactivity : Use tools of your choice (Leap, Kinect, or other motion activiated technology) to create a simple project that does not require a mouse or keypad to experience.

4- Interactivity and Social Media : Use social media at the heart of an interactive artwork. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube… Propose an engaging use of social media in a creative project.

5- Interactive Storytelling : Use tool of your choice to create an interactive narrative. One option would be to use the Treehouse Interlude tool to create interactive video story. Another option would be to create an ibook or website that integrates text and images and other media.

Final Project Proposals should include:

1- Title / Topic / Synopsis of your idea (150 words)

2- Tools / Techniques you plan to use

3- Step by Step / Timeline Plan

4- Final Format / What will you make / How will audience interact with it?

5- 3 examples of similar interactive works (links or screen grabs)

6- (optional) Mock up or sketch of what you plan to create


One thought on “Interactive Media > Final Project Choices

  1. Sam Jorgensen
    Interactive Snowboard Map
    For my final project, I would like to create an interactive map that can be used by a group of people to access via a mobile device. My project would be based around the snowboarding community and used as a tool to find, research and share locations with a select group of people. The map would work to bring together video/photos, text and GPS locations into a simple map that can be updated whenever and by whoever is in the group. s This map would be a useful tool and could potentially be made into a mobile phone application. This map could potentially be used for other extreme sports or even street art.
    I would like to use Google maps to create an interactive map. I would use this map to mark locations and use the information to name, add helpful text, photos and videos. The map could be accessed by mobile devices and could be added to or edited at any given point. The map would also have links in the text box to access various photographs or videos found across the Internet of the locations marked on the map. By using Google maps, it will also allow users to use Google Street View and Directions to better navigate to and from locations.
    To start my project, I would like to spend the first week gathering all the information and finding the locations and marking them on the map and giving each location a name and possibly a short description of each location. Once the map was established, I would then look into taking and/or finding photos and video examples of spot locations and adding them to map in the text link. These photos and videos would be embedded into the map if possible, or else would be linked to a Vimeo page or a Flickr image page. After compiling all this information, I would like to work on inviting people to join the map and possibly have other people contribute to the map.
    An example of a similar interactive piece would be the Mountain biking interactive map of Park City, Utah. ( This map is interactive and allows viewers to trails according to difficulty and length. It also offers helpful tips for parking and similar information.
    Another example is the offered in an article on ( This map uses complaints of graffiti in New York to show where graffiti is taking place. It also uses information such as artists tags to better classify information.
    The high cascade snowboard camp also has a similar idea with an interactive map that allows views to see the layout and features of the camp from the comfort of their own computer screen. (


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