Moviestorm Experiments

PROJECT #1 Avatars and Virtual Worlds
To grade the Moviestorm project I will look at :

1- Your Avatar exported in file folder from stock to our public folder : art3018_Moviestorm

2- Exported movie, uploaded to YouTube, link sent to Joellyn and embedded on your blog

3-Moviestorm Project Reflection:
Write a good paragraph (200 words) that reflects on the strengths and weaknesses of Moviestorm as a creative tool.
Imagine a new creative use for this program and share your idea with us. What kind of digital art project would you use it on? Could you use the avatars, virtual world and movie technology to create a work that comments on culture, addresses a social issue or pokes fun at human folly?
Please post this moviestorm reflection to your own blog, along with an embedded youtube video of your movie.

Mystery of Clough Island by Blake:

Cinderella Daydream by Jordan

The End of Thanksgiving by Daniel

A Day on the Lakewalk by Sarah