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Blog Assignment: Virtual Worlds
Please Watch this PBS FRONTLINE show Online
Digital Nation

You can watch the Digital Nation PBS show in segments online.
If you have already viewed this documentary, re-view the segments that deal with Avatars and Virtual Worlds…

Note what you find most interesting or surprising about how people use avatars and virtual worlds to interact. For discussion in class.


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  1. The digital world:
    As I watched the Frontline about how digital appliances are affecting our world I found myself in awe on each clip. For the first video, I actually wasn’t surprised that students are on their digital tools for over 50 hours per week because that is the way of communication these days and also it is basically the one thing that people think they should have and need because everyone else has it. As for the second, I movie, I was a little more upset about the fact that we can’t get away from technology even on vacation. I think it is embarrassing and sad. It’s almost an insult to the world that we aren’t outside enjoying the sublime but inside with our faces glued to a screen. I was most blown away by how much digital media was put into the military. In fact, I had no idea that they used avatars as a military practice and that they used goggles to place veterans in a virtual world that replicates the war for therapy. It was actually quite neat and I agree with this usage of technology more than the way everyday users use and abuse it.


  2. There was a lot in this documentary that I found very interesting. I never really think about how much I depend on digital media, I even found myself having the desire to check Facebook while I was watching the documentary. I thought the most interesting part of the video is the part about people not having long attention spans and have a hard time working on something for a long period of time because of all the distractions that come with digital media. I suppose I always sort of knew about that, but this really helped me realize what an effect it can really have on people. Because it’s true, when I’m working on school work I will do a little bit and feel that I deserve a small break to check something online. Another part that I really did not like about the video was people interacting in the digital world. I don’t think that in person meetings should always be replaced by digital meetings, I think that going somewhere, meeting new people, experiencing something new, and knowing someone in their own environment is really important. I don’t want that to be completely replaced by the digital world. I just don’t think it’s the same and that people can act the same as they would in person, even though some of these people claim that it was at least similar to meeting people in real life. I think we need those personal relationships in our lives, that’s just a part of being human, even though not everyone thinks so, these people are still isolating themselves away from everyone else.
    In the case of war I’m more in the middle or even leaning toward the digital side. I do think that these advances in technology are amazing and should be utilized. The only thing is that people can’t experience the emotions that go through the mind of a person on the battlefield, otherwise I think these technologies should be used. I don’t think we should risk the lives of our own men and women more than necessary, if we have the technology to at least save our own soldiers lives then we should. Although, ideally we shouldn’t have war at all and these technologies shouldn’t even be necessary.


  3. I have now seen this video a few times. And every time I watch it, the part at the beginning about how glued people are to technology gets me every time. As I sat and watched it this time though, it got me even more than before. I used to be one of those people who couldn’t put the phone or computer down. In the last year, it has really hit me at how disrespectful we really are in this world. People only focus on their technology. It just amazes me at how when we hang out with someone, we are really engaged in talking to someone else. Why even hang out with someone in person anymore? Why don’t we just live in a virtual word with no one in the same room as us? It worries me at where the world is going if it’s this bad already. On the other hand though, there is a huge upside to technology. We can do things today with this technology that we couldn’t do before we had it. It has saved lives and made a lot of tasks way easier for us. I think it’s a hit and miss with technology.


  4. As I watched this documentary, I found a lot of very interesting things. At first, I was surprised by the amount of hours that students spent per week using digital tools. After thinking about it a little more, it seemed reasonable, when you consider the use of Smartphones, computers, televisions and everything else. I also found it interesting that people are losing their attention spans, and are becoming easily distracted when working. After comparing this to my everyday life, I began to think about how much time I waste on social media when I’m doing homework. Not only did this lead to thinking about how I spend my time while “working,” but also while socializing. Every so often I find myself, and others, glued to their phones while in the company of other people. Have people become so used to social media and using digital tools to connect with each other that we are so alienated from one another that we can’t even have conversations. Overall I think this documentary pushes for us to take a closer look at how we use digital tools in our everyday life and evaluate what tools are useful and necessary and which ones are wasteful and pointless.


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