Climate Remix / Projection Project


Our idea is to create interactive projections on the theme of CLIMATE REMIX. The first step will be to create original visual content to first test indoors. Building on the ideas we used with Fishnetstockings, the project will include layers of media… Video backgrounds, Kinect to create interactivity, and possibly text or data pulled from live feeds about climate change. Sound can also be an element ( Dean is interested in contributing to an audio bank related to climate and weather). Students in my other mixed-media classes are creating an image bank of Climate themed collages and animations that can be integrated and remixed. (See collaborative folders on google drive with Climate Remix IMAGEBANKS and MASHUPS)
Students in our interactive media class are contributing via their own skills:
Charles is researching how to program the piece using UNITY, with advice from Pete Willemsen and Logan Sales.
McKenzie is creating textures and collage backgrounds to be mashed into videos
Melissa is creating floating elements as PNGs with transparent backgrounds (such as snowflakes, flames, and other signs of climate change.)
Paul is creating video backgrounds, possibly integrating video blocks, environments, or animations made with the motion capture characters. Themes involve weather and seasons.
Chris can choose to assist with visual assets ( images, videos) or work on interactive code with Charles, by using the wii or Kinect.
Dean can create a collections of audio files for use with the videos on the climate themes.
Joellyn can also assist with additional video shoots if desired in MMADlab chromakey studio, and demo techniques of digital compositing layers for a rich visual background.
Kathy McTavish may visit later, to lend advice about creating code and using multiple projectors in installations. We will discuss issues with creating environmental installations. Later we will attempt to project onto SNOW, pointing projectors out windows from upper classroom onto snow below. The interactivity may not work outside, but this is an experimental project, dealing with Climate change, weather, temperature, wind, water, fire… IT would be especially cool if it could somehow tap data on climate or current weather conditions / that may somehow impact the visuals.

Jan-Feb Class Plan for Art2018

Jan. 25–Meet in classroom, discuss recently noticed finds. Charles demo of game. Learn to use Fuse to make 2 characters for game or animation (FBX files). Possibly design a character that could be used for Dance Conference as well. Think about movements. Add more images to Motion Capture research reports in google slides or powerpoint. Export research slideshow as powerpoint or movie file and upload to class google folder so that Joellyn can post your research to the class blog.

Feb.1–Meet in MMAD Lab. Chris & Melissa suit up. Rebecca Katz-Harwood will lead a short workshop in movement. Capture Melissa & Chris. Slow simple motions are easier to capture. Be done with capture by 4 pm. (Noah leaves) Go to classroom… Bring your avatars / Fuse characters, brainstorm ways to use mo cap with your characters for narrative or experimental uses.  Storyboard either animations or games or both. Make backgrounds in Photoshop for game or animation.

Feb.8–Meet in MMAD Lab. Lisa & Noah will have added motion capture skeletons to avatars. Show animated characters in Unity. Figure out how to add animated characters to Charles’ game or backgrounds for animation. Discuss / Brainstorm Snow projection project.
Tentative Schedule in Feb and Mar:
I would like to do the SNOW PROJECTION project before SPRING BREAK. I would love you to be scouting locations for projection onto and from around campus. Shoot photos of cool ideas. Think about what themes or interactivity might be integrated into the snow projections.
Feb. 15— Meet in MMADLAB. Demo completed short animation or game.  MOVE to CLASSROOM / Begin planning snow projections.
Feb. 22–Meet in Classroom / work on SNOW PROJECTIONS / interactivity and videos and test with projectors. Try to Project onto snow.
AFTER SPRING BREAK: Meet in Classroom. Discuss Future projects / Pitch Ideas to class. DEMO / experiment with Dean’s Max MSP audio project.

Motion Capture Research

The semester has begun for Art2018 students in this experimental class, introducing creative projects that use emerging interactive media. Lisa Fitzpatrick has been team teaching and covering for Joellyn while she is busy with a family emergency. (Thanks to Lisa!!!)

Last week Lisa gave this MOTION CAPTURE RESEARCH Assignment, see below for Joellyn’s additions:

Write a 2 page research paper about motion capture. Use this assignment to learn about it for yourselves. You can write about different uses for motion capture, different ideas you have for its use, where the markers should go on the motion capture suits, what kind of motion is useful in games or animation, how motion capture is used in science or medicine or sports or whatever. Whatever is interesting to you. We have the Vicon system and I am thinking to use Blade with you. We also have the Optitrack portable system. Please email this to me (Lisa Fitzpatrick) and Joellyn Rock.
Joellyn’s Additions to the Motion Capture Research Assignment:
Next step:
Please find visual examples (images, screen grabs, links to video and other media) to support your research. Each student’s research will be posted here on the blog with links and images to illustrate what you are finding and examples of exciting uses of motion capture in digital art projects. I am very interested in the ways that motion capture might be integrated into class creative work. I know Lisa has plans for using Fuse and Blade softwares with the system in the MMADlab.

Spring17/ Digital Arts: Interactive Media Class

Dear students in Art2018 Digital Art : Interactive Media

Please look for Lisa Fitzpatrick in class today at 2pm.
Lisa runs the Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab and the VizLab on campus. She will be team teaching our class this semester, while I am gone several weeks due to a family emergency w my son. I hope to be back to see you next week, and more regularly in February.
Lisa will do introductions and begin with some fun beginning assignments. This is going to be a great chance to work with the emerging technologies available at UMD for creative art projects! We will use the class blog for posting upcoming assignments and inspiration for projects.
Enjoy your first week of class… I WILL POST THE SYLLABUS HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
See you soon! Joellyn

Motion + Media Research Symposium

​Open to students, faculty and community members who are interested in emerging media, interactive design, digital storytelling, motion capture, and related research… Registration Link below…
Motion + Media Research Symposium
Friday, April 15 2016 at 10 AM – 3 PM
This one day symposium brings together artists, scientists and researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to share their creative work with emerging media. Sponsored by University of Minnesota Duluth, Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab. Featuring Keynote by Dave Beck “The Convergence of History & Environment through Games & Animation” and Elizabeth LaPensée, Indigenous Game Designer, Research for Indigenous Community Health Center. Research Topics to include: Motion Capture, Virtual Reality, Interactive Environments, and Video Production. Open to students, faculty and the public by RSVP / Advance registration. Free lunch for those who pre-register.
To reserve your spot…
Register for the Motion + Media Research Symposium here:
Tentative Schedule for Friday April 15
10am : Welcome to MMADlab / 25 Bohannon Hall / Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab Presentations
11am : Keynote in 90 Bohannon Hall / Dave Beck (UW-Stout) “The Convergence of History & Environment through Games & Animation”
Noon : Lunch + Networking
1pm : Elizabeth LaPensee Presentation on Indigenous Games, Speed research, Brainstorm session
2pm : Hands-on project demos, interactive experiences

Please join us for a one day gathering of interdisciplinary researchers… Presentations, speed research, networking, and project demos.

Facebook Event:

FISHNETSTOCKINGS : Interactive Installation


FISHNETSTOCKINGS is an interactive installation created by digital artist Joellyn Rock, computer scientist Pete Willemsen, visual artist Alison Aune, and a crew of collaborators. The participatory space allows the audience to dive in and make virtual waves inside this alt version of a very old tale. A layered mix of digital video, text, silhouettes and cutout elements are motion activated with a combo of code, Processing and Kinect.